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ED treatment delivered to your door

His Clinic is your clinic

Erectile dysfunction (ED) should not be embarrassing or inconvenient to treat in 2019. That’s why we founded His Clinic.

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How does it all work?

At His Clinic, your safety, satisfaction and discretion is at the heart of what we do. Our simple four-stage process gains you access to doctor prescribed treatments as quickly and conveniently as possible.


Complete our simple online medical questionnaire and find out instantly if you’re approved by one of our Australian doctors to purchase medications.


A treatment option is then recommended to you, feel free to speak to one of our male doctors at this point or complete checkout.


Your prescription is issued and the medication is then dispatched the next business day from one of our registered Australian pharmacies.


Never worry about ED again. You can either have the medication discreetly sent to you monthly, or repeat step 2 when desired.

Treatments that suit your lifestyle

We firmly believe in giving men the ability to easily access prescription medication when treating their ED. Each product is offers unique benefits that can help you determine which one is better for your personal circumstances and sex life.

Feel free to discreetly reach out to our experienced medical team to discuss the unique benefits that each of our treatments has to offer you.

ED solutions

Why His Clinic?

Our all-male team is on a mission to empower men to take control of their health. Erectile Dysfunction effects 1 in 3 men under 30, yet far fewer take action. His Clinic is all about taking action – without the headache.

Australian owned and
Australian registered
Australian registered
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We’re here to help you treat your ED in a way that’s quick, simple, and discreet. Talk with a friendly member of our all-male customer service team now or check your eligibility.